I'm a creature of habit. There's this building where I eat my lunch meals 5 days per week. And lately, I've been teaching myself to religiously drink hot milk tea after lunch at the office.

This afternoon I decided to drink my hot milk tea in a new place -- behind the building where a narrow street is also situated. With a sketch pad in tow, I sampled the sidewalk with a sketch. It's not frequented by people but a few of  them managed to walk past me and take second glances because they probably were not used to seeing someone sketching in broad daylight in high tech Makati City. I was done in roughly two minutes and so was my hot milk tea which had gone cold.

The day dragged on with my usual office work until I saw my reflection in the elevator. I was sure that I needed a haircut already so off I went to the most affordable (coz I'm a cheapskate) and nearest barbershop from the office.

I did not expect to wait in line for my turn at 9:00pm but I did. I cured my boredom with a sketch of the session prior to mine (below).

Sketched in Makati City