Whenever I was with friends and loved ones last year, I would get into the thick of conversations. My goal of rendering them sketches did not push through because of that.

I had to be alone and observing them from a distance for this to happen. And it did more than twice.

These two guys (left) were conversing in a lazy manner that they almost did not move for minutes. Good for me.

A friend of mine did not have much to say one time over food and drinks that I was able to draw him for a few seconds (below).


While at the embassy in Makati City last year, I had to wait for a good one hour for my turn that I chose to sketch this cute little Filipina girl to pass the time.

I had other sketches of strangers in the line to the bank teller and the dining area of a coffee shop.

I guess sketching is a good alternative to one's ipod or mobile phone for kicking off boredom.

Sketched in random places

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